For #FlashbackFriday, here’s ‘Experiment No.9 Dynamic Blooms’, a hypnotic fashion film by Tell No One for SHOWstudio.  The concept was for Tell No One to take Nick Knight’s photography for AnOther magazine’s Spring/Summer 2011 issue, + bring them to life as blooming flowers which they accomplished with stunning effect.

I love how the dancers’ skirts were caught in slow motion, when leaping through the air.  At times, during these leaps, any visible limbs looked like the inner workings of a flower, like its pistil.  The long hair at one point resembled a dandelion puff, just blowing away as fast as it could.  But how apropos is that soundtrack?  ‘Vanities’ written by Beck Hansen uses thunder over strings that mimic raindrops along with little bells or maybe a poor little triangle + when the motion of blooming is about to occur, the mood + music intensify to epic proportions, with the occasional help of thunder




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