For #FlashbackFriday here’s fashion film ‘#TBT’ featuring Dominican designer Jose Duran’s AW/14 collection.  Directed by Alexander Hankoff + starring the fearless Dominican model Omahyra Mota, Patricia Mota, Jarina de Marco + Athena Mota, you’re taken on a trip down memory lane of wild fashions + the wild women that ruled them.

With an opening scene of Omahyra frying Tostones (fried plantains for those who don’t know but should try + now I’m hungry) while carrying her baby, you see her drift off into her thoughts.  Of what you ask, well, of what it was like, tearing it up, down the streets of Washington Heights with her fashionable friends before starting her family.  

Things then start popping in the supermarket where you see the ladies in Duran’s intricate designs including plenty of sheer looks, beaded bungee cord jackets + leopard linings, stuffing their faces with puffed Cheetos + playing with fruit including coconuts.

As slices of memory sadly must come to an end, you then catch a brief glimpse of the ladies enjoying Dominican rum Brugal on the stoop, which jumps back to reality with Omahyra still sitting on the stoop, but this time, alone with her baby, a bottle of Dominican Country Club soda (yummy) + a bowl of Tostones.


(via NJAL)

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