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With growing love affair between technology + fashion, it’s only natural to assume that scent + bio-enhanced beauty is not too far from becoming reality, the subject of today’s fashion film, ‘Swallowable Parfum’.  According to + starring skin-fixated artist + filmmaker Lucy McRae, ‘We are living in an era of no rules; technology is corrupting nature’s ballot, forcing us to redefine our bodies’ limitations + boundaries.’

Developed with synthetic biologist Sheref Mansy, the project explores the  possibility of a consumed capsule that synthesizes with the body to create a biologically enhanced scent.  The scent would then be customized by the wearer, as it reacts to stress, exercise or arousal, all of which prompt perspiration.  Maybe this would give people who sweat excessively a new edge, turning that negative into a positive?  Just the same, this kind of customization provokes debate about the future of the body as a platform for technology.

As a former ballerina, McRae was perfect in conveying a liquid chemical inside a ‘container’ as part of this fragrant capsule’s composite, extending her legs in slow motion, while emphasizing the muscle definition of her legs.  Dancer Rachel Coulson inspired the choreography.  McRae told NOWNESS how Coulson has ‘this incredible ability to reach shapes with her body that are beyond human,’ adding,’ The choreography aims to simulate weightlessness, an underwater body moving within a particle atmosphere that is foetal, fluid, surrendering the body to science + technology.’

NOWNESS asked McRae what notes would stress, pumped + sexy have + she replied: ‘Stressed–the scent of an infinite horizon; pumped–the smell of an explosion in reverse; sexy–the aroma of brushing past a stranger.’  And based on this response, it would be even more amazing to feel how you smell simultaneously, but that would be another cosmetic bio-tech conversation altogether.

Talk about being a true beauty CONSUMER!



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