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Get in the mood for love with the cool animated short by Aaron Rose for MOCAtv featuring the late artist Niki De Saint Phalle’s drawings on desire from her 1988 book, ‘My Love, Where Shall We Make Love?’.  By pairing these seductively inviting drawings with Soko’s moody + sexy yet sultry ‘Love Letter’, a song inspired by these illustrations, the book truly comes alive as if Saint Phalle herself was mouthing the words.  Rose told NOWNESS ‘how cool it would be to package an artist’s writings in a pop format’ + adding, ‘Sometimes their words are only heard in lectures or read in the pages of academic catalogues; I thought it would be fun to reframe them + turn people on to writings that they would never have read before.’

When artist, curator + filmmaker Aaron Rose came up with the idea, he immediately thought of Soko ‘as there is something very tough + tender in everything she does.’  Rose told NOWNESS, ‘The way Soko took the feeling of the text in the book + completely transformed them into her own just blew me away.’  This video forms part of a collaborative series of art-inspired lyric videos created by Rose + MOCAtv.  But there was never any doubt Rose could rise to the occasion having created the 2008 documentary ‘Beautiful Losers’, which looked at the art movement that he helped to spearhead along with Harmony Korine + Shepard Fairey.



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