WAKE UP! to Lady Gaga singing her R. Kelly hit, ‘Do What You Want’ with Christina Aquilera, last night on ‘The Voice’, in case you missed it.  With Gaga dressed in Seventies iridescent glam, out comes Christina Aquilera from behind a giant seashell, sporting a matching look, complete with a huge platinum curly fro.

Apparently, it was Gaga’s idea to sing with Xtina + what an amazing treat – two great voices together like that, just gave me chills!  But the best part was how these two divas demonstrated their new found friendship starting with them holding hands,  followed by Lady Gaga nuzzled into Christina’s bosom + at the end, sharing a champers toast + a flick of their wigs.  I guess their feud IS really over.  

If you didn’t know it was a performance on the ‘The Voice’, you’d swear it was a Seventies Xmas special (For a hot second, I for one envisioned Cher, when Lady Gaga started singing).

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