Here’s a fashion film featuring designer Louise Leconte‘s designs, where the designer stars as the model, with haunting vocals by Olivia Carrere.  You might not be familiar with her name, but soon enough, it’s a designer name you’re going to be hearing a lot about, with special thanks to Lady Gaga.  

If at first the name does not ring a bell, just think back when Lady Gaga showed up earlier this month at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Benefit,wearing a ‘reserved’ black leather gown that curves into middle of chest, by side cut-outs, revealing a black brasseire (below).

This was when Lady Gaga announced her special project with Marina Abramovic (seen below) + Robert Wilson – talk about perfect pairings.

But how did Gaga arrive to selecting Leconte, instead of one of her fave designers?  Much to her delight, the 26-year old Leconte told STYLE.COM, “Her stylist wrote me + asked for six or seven looks from my graduation collection, so of course I sent them.”  Originally, Leconte debuted the Gaga dress during her 2012 graduate show, when she earned a master’s degree from Belgium’s La Cambre Mode(s) last year.

“The collection was based on Joan of Arc, so the garments were armor-inspired,” said Leconte to STYLE.COM.  Containing looks that deliberately revealed parts of the body not meant to be shown, the collection questioned the notion of ‘what we do when we dress up — are we protecting ourselves + our bodies, or are we exhibiting or demonstrating something?’  Yet, Leconte was ecstatic to see Gaga chose to wear nothing underneath.

So if you’re looking to channel Lady Gaga with a Leconte ‘anything’, of your own, you can buy made-to-order pieces as well as a range of ornate leather shield bags (below), for sale on the designer’s site.  These bags

also came from her graduate collection ( bags totally reminded me of Gianni Versace with some edge) But it makes sense to make a shield a bag, as Leconte noted, ‘I think there is an interesting parallel between the way women hold their It bags + the way soldiers carry their shields.’  In the same token, what you wear could be considered a shield of sorts, protecting what’s underneath that goes beyond the flesh.


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