Here’s a fashion film for Belgian designer #KRJST‘s #1 AW/13 collection.  Upon first glance, with four different vignettes playing simultaneously within one space, quickly reminded me of the amazing Spanish director, Pedro Almodovar – considered the bad boy of Spanish cinema, with movies containing lots of ‘camp’ + plots, of soap opera / novela proportions (if you’re not familiar with his work, I beg you to check him out – you’ll surely gag).

For the #KJRST #1 collection, KRJST drew inspiration from catholicism’s iconography, symbols + figures juxtaposed by the desire for self-expression + sub-culture of hippie culture.  The influences are then brought to life by prints, primarily those of illustrator Monsieur Pimpant (gorgeous work), the strongest point in the collection.


(via NJAL)

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