Fashion film ‘Electro Metropolis’, created by artist Jo Ratcliffe, with an electro score by DJ Brian Degraw, perfectly sets the stage for Jen Brill + Olivia Kim’s (Jen + Oli) new Cole Haan Spring capsule collection, set to drop in stores tomorrow but now available online.  Full of eye candy, the film features a modern city the artists only dream about, as Brill mentioned to, but although it slightly resembles Times Square, at least in their city, design + taste are actually taken into account.  

With a diverse color palette, full of punchy color to the ever classic nude, you also have many options when it comes to heel height or lack thereof.  Hell, you can carry the flattest ones (nude) known as the ‘Mary Jane Sandal’, when tire of wearing your ‘Mary Jane Platforms.  I think they’re all super cute.


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