Here’s fashion film ‘Intimately Social 10.13’ for MINNAPALMQVIST‘s AW13 collection set to Bjork’s ‘Mutual Core’.  As a way to deal with the frustration of fashion’s fast paced world, the film is also a way to bring the audience closer to what goes on inside designer Palmqvist’s brain.  By using the process of cutting + draping fabrics + garments, in a quick paste, we see the model’s look put together as quickly as we see it unravel + transform into something else – a woman having a nervous breakdown.  The fact that she looks so innocent, just adds to the drama + frustration, as you can clearly note from the discomfort in her face.  

But can you blame her?  I loathe trying on clothes, which makes me buy two, sometimes three sizes of the same item (just in case), to then return what didn’t fit.  True, I’m wasting a lot more time in doing this, but at least I save myself from the momentary discomfort right then + there.  The only time taking off my clothes as fast as I put them on, makes any kind of sense, is when I happen to be ‘entertaining’ behind closed doors.

Although the motions are fast, they are equally as slow, meditative + poetic – not a bad way to show the different shapes + darker color offering for Fall.

(via NJAL)


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