Directed by Danish actress, film director, writer + photographer Rie Rasmussen (a lot of you might know her from Brian de Palma’s erotic thriller ‘Femme Fatale’ with Rebeccam Romijn ), in collaboration with Vs. Magazine for G-Star‘s second installment for the Art of RAW project, this fashion film shows how one artist’s desperation for inspiration, truly takes over her.  Entitled ‘Devouring Art’, Rie plays an artist in overalls, whose desperation for inspiration drives her to break into an art gallery ready to ‘devour’ the art exhibited.  Eventually, reality begins to slip away as the art becomes alive + starts to devour the artist with raw + sexy ferocity.

For help, Rie invited personal muse + former Givenchy model, Marie de Villepin, whom also helped with the soundtrack by Pinkmist (Marie is the front woman for Pinkmist).  In the film both Marie + a ‘sculpture’ begin to enrapture the artist, while the rest of the ‘art’ manifests itself into models clad in G-Star, walking in the gallery now turned runway.  For inspiration, the director simply looked to RAW’s tone as one with a dark edge to it which explains the artist’s demise, or is it?  As a fan of hard-edged female fashion with durability, this project seemed as a perfect fit for her.  As for her involvement with the Art of RAW project, Rasmussen told STYLE.COM,’The word RAW has always been a huge turn-on to me because it implies no pretense – no refining, no makeup, no facade.  That is rare in fashion + why G-Star’s Art of RAW project is so refreshing.’


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