Love this fashion film for jewelry designer Noemi Klein entitled ‘Epoch 4’.  Directed by Céli Lee, this film’s simplicity speaks volumes in first succumbing to literal smoke, as sexy curves against a black backdrop while eventually bowing out, having the jewelry take center stage.  Within a 3D man-made organic structure, comprised of shells + scorpions, the jewelry begins to show itself, in the form of a geometric structure within.

According to Klein, ‘Epoch 4: Underwater Constellations’ continues to draw inspiration from nature. Now, the outlandish notion of the sea bottom was the main theme of the collection.’  Before the film’s end, the following quote appears which couldn’t sum it up best:

‘Every pic tells a story.  Sometimes only the reverse angle tells the truth.’

Here are more of Noemi’s designs sure to persuade you to buy yourself a little something.

image   image  image

           Geo Bangle                 Shrimp Fang Hoop Earrings          Shards Dangles Earrings

(via NJAL)

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