Happy Monday!  Here’s a fashion film featuring Marcelo Burlon‘s sick County Of Milan AW/13-14 collection of amazing tees, thanks in part, to the combined genius of graphic designer Giorgio Di Salvo.  Worn by his very attractive cast, set against sweet beats + smooth moves, you’ll want to jump in + rip the tees right off any of them, if not, to just see a little bit more skin.  Marcelo’s cast includes Alejandro, Bertrand Le Pluard, Daniel Inked, David Fischer, Dawid Auguscik At Rock Agency, Ladyfag, Laust Frederiksen, Marcus-Paul, Maximiliano Patané, Nordine Benotmane, Philly Gaedicke, Samir Gharroub, Stephanie Ashpool, Tina Leung, Tom Brunett, Willy Cartier + Yue Wu.

(via ASVOF)

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