Here’s a sweet fashion film I stumbled upon inspired by an interesting thought Art Director Amaya Ducru Clouthier had about the polarity of shoes impossible to walk in and feet that cannot walk.  Entitled ‘Impossible Shoes’ by Anomalous Visuals, starring paraplegic model, artist + fashion lover Sophie Morgan, a notion most don’t ever think about – the love for shoes by someone who can’t walk – is addressed beautifully by director Melodie Roulaud with surrealistic poetry ‘that pushes the boundaries of perception and stereotypes and aims at widening the spectrum of body representation in fashion imagery.’

From 125 magazine’s interview with Sophie regarding this film, Clouthier composed a poem which Sophie herself reads as the voice over.  Love the simplicity of the environment and all the different shapes of hoops, ladders, radiators and floor boards.

(via 125)

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