Ever watch those sci-fi flicks where the filmmaker tries to give you a glimpse into what life would be like eons from now by tapping into advertising for a specific product, giving you a sense of that era’s lifestyle esthetic – think ‘Minority Report’ or sadly, Halle Berry’s ‘Catwoman’ with it’s anti-aging cream Beau-Line?  Well, that’s exactly what Telfar Clemens, the avant-garde designer, achieved for his unisex TELFAR line with the 2014 video look-book “TCTV” for W Magazine above.

Clemens’ second collaboration with director Babak Radboy of the notorious meta-brand Shanzhai Biennial takes a key premise — that TELFAR is not an underground label but a global mega-brand with ridiculous ‘Old Navy’ commercial appeal, was just the beginning.  Of those involved in the project, they were given the task to produce the greatness they’re known for but blindly, with nothing tangible leading the way.

Visual effects team NTROPIC (Christina Aguilera, Gucci, Overstock.com) were only given the instruction that there should be “a lot of post production.” Likewise, the New York-based sound designers at c5 studios, the go-to facility for Martin Scorsese, were given 109 tracks composed by artists Ryan Trecartin + Lizzie Fitch, + instructed to ‘make it sound like there is a lot of sound design,’ with game show + video game sound effects enhanced by the almost robotic voices of the male + one female models.  Meanwhile, the video was edited without backgrounds, the 3D built without the video, + the sound designed without a final edit.

“TCTV” epitomizes the TELFAR motto: Extremely Normal™ from a parallel universe not quite our own, with its over-the-top normality.


(via MOCAtv)

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