Finally, the wait is over!

Here’s Alexander Wang’s fashion film featuring Chris Kattan as Mango from Saturday Night Live + rapper + choreographer Sharaya J.  The plot involves Mango coming back from the arctic, as Alexander Wang has asked him to be in his video but the truth is, he is to star in Sharaya J’s video, as a back-up dancer, no less.  The horror!  Of course, Mango will not be upstaged by anyone + battles Sharaya to her song ‘Shut It Down’.  With cameos by Behati Prinsloo, The New York Housewives of New York City Sonja Morgan, Sean Avery + Bazaar’s Derek Blasberg + Mango lines too funny to dismiss, there’s no denying Wang loves to have fun.


Here are some of my favorite Mango lines:

Mango to Asst. Rudy:  ’Please.  Here.  Take Constance (Mango’s Shih Tzu) to the cleaners – she smells like Shia LaBeouf’s loofah sponge.’

Sonja: ‘Behati will do your makeup.’  Mango: ‘Gesundheit.’

Mango:  ’Sometimes I worry about my worry lines, I get more worry lines.’

Mango:  ’Derek Blasberg, why are you everywhuh?’

(via Bazaar)

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