A Candle Inspired By John Waters Film ‘Cry Baby’?….Sign Me Up!


(photo: Vogue France)

Just In Time For Valentine’s Day Too

Born from a collaboration between Turkish designer Yazbukey with Cire Trudon, the oldest candle manufacturer, candles will never be the same.  Bearing her retro touch from a pink version of the Cire Trudon label to Yazbukey’s signature plexi pout on black glass, you couldn’t have asked for a better match.

Violet + leather scent notes corrupt this scented candle due in part to many influences including classic red lips, big blow-dries + leather jackets. Obviously, it then doesn’t come as a shock how those variables resonated throughout Yazbukey’s AW/12-13 accessories line ‘Pussycat Fightclub’, seen below.



(photo: Yazbukey)

What’s an even more exciting and obvious choice, the same inspiration for the collection, Yazbukey found in cult filmmaker John Waters film ‘Cry Baby’, with Johnny Depp as lead Cry


(photo: Cry Baby film)

Baby, Ricki Lake + Traci Lords.  Taking place during the 1950s with lots of motorcycles, leather moto jackets, tied neck kerchiefs, Bettie Page bangs, pencil skirts, red lips + slick hair, this definitely sounds like a time and place where ‘Pussycat Fightclub’ would fit right in.

(via Vogue France)

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