A Closer Look At dark level For AW/12




(photo: dark level)

Comprised of designer duo BaldiBloom, the dark level brand (also the label behind the previously mentioned fashion film ‘UTOPYA’) looks to imperfections, randomness + juxtapositions of silhouettes + materials to give birth to ‘the idea of the ‘unfinished’ where only the woman herself by wearing the garments will end the story connected to the garment itself.’  As noticed here, their AW12 collection is full of pieces that when paired together or separately, they can make the wearer either ladylike with a lot of edge, casually chic in sport looks with luxurious patinas or just plain comfortable.

Supporting the ‘Made in Italy’ and nourishing the union of quality and functionality, dark level is never the ‘dark horse’ for getting fashion right.

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