A Designer Who Literally Takes To Photoshop For Fall 2012

For several years now, plenty of fashion glossies have been criticized and crucified for making their curvy covergirls, voluptuous starlets / harlots ( both seem to be the case these days, most of the time anyway!) and ‘healthy’ artists skinnier than they really are through the magic of Photoshop.  But for Anrealage’s A/W12 collection, Photoshop is used on it’s designs and textiles.  True, other designers have already applied Photoshop to their textiles by reflecting the same digitized image in opposite directions – Mary Krantzou, Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy and the untouchable, Alexander McQueen – but these designs are full of whimsy and different.

Part of Tokyo’s Fashion Week for A/W12, Anrealage’s designer, Kunihiko Morinaga’s reinterpretation of Photoshop definitely receives high marks in my book.  By taking the same silhouette, in this case the skirt, and repeat / ‘pile on’ in a gradation of color (hard + static ombre) with the same closures, be they buttons or belts, just makes the piece refreshingly unique and a definite standout.  (Love the ‘piled on’ collars on the blue dress above!)

Then there’s the issue of the ‘smudge tool’ used in a cheeky way for Anrealage’s textiles – so good in fact that you need to take a double-take.

(even the helmet isn’t safe from ‘the smudge’)

(photos: Fashion Snap)


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