A Peek At Snow White & The Huntsman’s Costumes Makes Me Want To Watch It That Much More

For movie ‘Snow White & The Huntsman’ starring Charlize Theron as evil Queen Ravenna and Kristen Stewart as Snow White due out this Friday, costume designer Colleen Atwood went all out with her designs.  Unfortunately, a lucky few (waaa…excluding myself), managed to see them up-close and personal at a recent LA pop-up shop , on view until June 3!  Embellishing her costumes with unusual details including leather pailettes, paper mache and embroidery, the delicacy of each piece could easily well pass for a haute couture gown, especially those worn by Charlize.

Here we see Charlize’s wedging dress with paper mache accents and embroidery.

 The black oily gown (R) looks almost reptilian yet each ‘scale’ is made of leather paillettes with a collar and slight peplum edge in on the hips, look like porcupine quills.  The feathery number on the left creates a pattern of sorts by putting darker feathers on top of lighter feathers – and look at that collar…serious drama!

Here, she uses edible beetle wings along the bodice, skirt and sleeves to play off the iridescence of the gold skirt detail.

(all photos: NBC & Universal Pictures)

All in all, I just can’t wait to see these babies come to life.

(via WWD)

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