About Face With Aldo Lanzini Can Take Shape Into So Much More

Especially When Dealing With His Knitted Masks/Textiles

Italian artist Aldo De Agostini Lanzini Aviance, can only be described as a true genius and master craftsman especially upon first sight of his knitted masks/textiles.  Having caught the eye of Missoni with 30 ushers wearing these masks during their S/S11 show (seen below),

(photo: Cool Hunting)

it seemed like the only fit – both use color and pattern flawlessly in knits (for Aldo, however, it’s knits of another kind).  

Yet, besides covering the wearer’s face, these masks do so much more than disguise.  

Not only do they play with color and shape, they tend to lend themselves as a mode of transport into a trip full of Woven Mayhem And Mysterious Surprise.  ” Definitions are always quite liquid. I use my needle as if I were a sculptor. I move instinctively and I don’t think about the design of my work: I create straight away, ” said Aldo of his work.

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