Barney’s Holiday Windows Get The ‘Electrical’ Treatment Through The Magic Of Disney

Today, Barney’s unveils their famous holiday windows at their Madison Avenue flagship store and if you’ve been in New York for the holidays, the competition for best windows is pretty fierce to outdo not just others but YOUR last year’s windows.  Barney’s though, really has it’s work cut out for itself with the super success of Gaga’s Workshop last year. 

This year, Barney’s teamed up with Disney to create the animated short titled “Electric Holiday.” With Minnie Mouse as the main lead, along with other Disney characters including the Cheshire Cat and Captain Hook and a list of exquisite arbiters of style and fashion including Daphne Guinness, Bryanboy, Anna dello Russo and Lady Gaga as seen below, we’re transported into Minnie’s dream of her lust for a Lanvin dress.  

(photo: Courtesy Photo)

Looped on LED tiles that cover the two-story ground-floor facade on Madison, the short starts with Minnie dreaming of a Lanvin dress while window-shopping.  As her daydream gaze grows stronger, pushing her further into her dream, she now finds herself at the front lines of Paris Fashion Week. In her hotel suite, Minnie’s face is given the midas touch by Pat McGrath while backstage, Julien d’Ys tries to coif Cruella de Vil’s cut with her too short bangs.

(photo: Courtesy Photo)

While at the Tuileries, she poses for Steven Meisel, has street-style shutterbug Jurgen Teller scrambling with his many cameras trying to catch her best side while ‘paparazzo’ Mario Sorrenti snags himself a quick pic too.

(photo: Courtesy Photo)

My favorite part of this animated short however, is the animated versions of all the fashion folks depicted throughout, especially those seated at the infamous ‘front row’.  But before the show starts, one thing that many fashion designers would hope for is Tinker Bell flying in with her fairy dust transforming Minnie and her crew into runway models – wonder if her pixie dust would always get ALL shows to start on time for once.

Speaking of the ‘front row’, below we see a very unrealistic + ugly portrayal of Linda Evangelista with Captain Hook (pic 1), who seems to be wearing one of Karl Lagerfeld’s many facial expressions, while Emmanuelle Alt, Suzy Menkes, Franca Sozzani, SJP and Glenda Bailey (pic 2) are ‘dead on’.

(photo: Courtesy Photo)  

Then we have Carine Roitfeld + Naomi Campbell sitting next to the Cheshire Cat, which is ironic based on Naomi’s many alleged tantrums involving throwing her cellphone at assistants, while still wearing a smile.  In the second pic, Bryanboy, Suzy Menkes + Lady Gaga never looked better.  The third pic captures Cathy Horyn’s underbite expression perfectly while sitting next to a very, very ugly version of Daphne Guinness – the only thing that incites making the connection is her hair + Gareth Pugh look.

(photo: Courtesy Photo)

But as much as I hate Daphne’s animated self, according to WWD, all celebs involved were required to sign off on rights to their likeness and its artistic interpretation, which meant no lording over final cut – chin, noses and waistlines would not be redrawn. 

As beloved as Minnie Mouse is, I wonder if this will generate the same amount of holiday buzz as Gaga’s Workshop did?

(via WWD)

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