Brain Activity Changes The Color Of The Vicenza Headpiece


Wearable technology just continues to push the envelope when it comes to not allowing function to outweigh form like this Vicenza Headpiece by fashion studio The Unseen.  What makes this headpiece not only beautiful but unique is how the gemstone-encrusted part of the headdress changes color in response to varying energy levels in the brain.


The Unseen founder Lauren Bowker, once again used her color changing ink with over 4,000 specially grown Swarovski stones, forming the headdress from overlapping layers of leather, covering the wearer’s forehead, temples, tops of ears + back of neck.  Talk about dramatic + stunning!

The Black Spinel stones are coated in Bowker’s signature ink, which responds to different climatic conditions including colors + locations of energy loss across the head changing throughout the day while Swarovski’s lab grows the special sones to give them uniform qualities including shape, symmetry + light dispersion.  

Bowker told dezeen, ‘We have found the morning to produce much more orange coloured patterns at the front of the brain on the forehead, whereas in the evening the patterns tend to be much bluer + to the back right of the brain.’


Bowker explained, ‘Going forward we are conducting research and looking to couple MRI technology to the visual results forming a more accurate analysis of our heat patterns + what exact emotion is being displayed through the stone – this piece is just a concept to get us started.’

Just imagine the endless possibilities of being able to communicate so fashionably, after suffering a stroke where your speech was compromised?

(via dezeen)

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