Buy Luxury Brands At Affordable Prices With Muchness

I don’t know about you but when it comes to online shopping, I usually slow down my poor little ‘Pooter’ with the many windows open trying to find the best deal out there.  But what better way is there to do comparative shopping, right?  Well, in one word, Muchness.  


You see, Muchness, a NYC fashion start-up, is a new shopping platform created to help women everywhere buy beautiful designer clothing at affordable prices.  Think of it as a ‘Kayak meets Pinterest’ community for discovering designer brands on sale, but it does a lot more than that.  

With Muchness your shopping experience is very streamlined.  Sure you can filter your searches by designer, category, size + price (see below), but with Muchness, your preferences are saved so that sizing, color + brand info doesn’t need to be inputted every time.  

In other words, if you wanted deals from Ann Demeulemeester to Elizabeth + James to Zadig + Voltaire (three of many brands carried), rather than being bothered by badly edited random pieces, Muchness provides you with the best offers around.  Plus, with inventory updated daily + luxury merch being the only type allowed onto the site, it’s a ‘win win’ sitch, don’t you think? 

Offering women’s, men’s + kids’ apparel, with home items coming soon, there’s also a “Featured People” page (below) where users can add collections + follow other fashionistas too, a lot like Pinterest.   Hooked yet?  


Well, I’ve teamed up with Muchness, which is launching by the end of March + they are offering cause and yvette readers special early access by using this link: 

Muchness  |  Early access code: vip

So don’t miss this opportunity to get first dibs on 70% off luxury brands before anybody else.  Just remember, the LINK EXPIRES MARCH 31.

Happy hunting!

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