Clover Canyon Looks To Cuba For Inspiration


For Clover Canyon‘s Resort 2014 collection, it was all about Cuba.  Depicting Cuba’s indigenous + African heritage + Spanish influences, cigars, tropical landscapes +  it’s architectural detritus, through bright imagery + many patterns, playing dress-up or playing it cool, comes easy.  With cigars being such a huge part of Cuba, the hand drawn portrait of Mavis Toussaint Fuentes (below), an eccentric cigar rolling lady, on the 


neoprene sweatshirt pictured above, only seemed right.   (The chick means business – check out that cigar!)


Love the color palette + pattern play, especially in the look below.  As casual as it is, you could easily switch your shoes to stilettos  or high heel sandals, add a mix of bangles on both arms, a statement necklace or a patterned silk scarf, + easily, take the look from day to night.  What about those sarong pants above in look 3 – love how they look both tailored + relaxed.image

(photos: Courtesy Photo)

(via WWD)

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