Congratulations Moschino, It’s A Toy!



It’s no surprise that for his first Moschino fragrance, Jeremy Scott fancied himself with creating a perfume bottle out of a teddy bear called ‘Toy’.  Scott told WWD the bear is both an homage to the teddy-bear dress that Franco Moschino designed in the late Eighties, + Scott’s own “love affair” with teddy bears in his work.  ’I’d never seen a stuffed animal perfume bottle before — + I felt like I was then obliged to do it,’ deadpanned the designer. But really, in finding inspiration in both Spongebob Squarepants + Barbie, this move was only natural for the ‘off the wall’ designer.  Even with the packaging below, one could easily envision ‘Toy’ on the shelves of any major toy store.

To push that envelope a bit more, as seen below, you have to remove the teddy bear’s head in order to spray the perfume onto yourself – talk about twisted decadence! Scott believed, his signature sense of fun was missing from the fragrance sphere. ‘All fragrances, you go across the board + it’s basically always sexy, nude, sexy, so I thought there’s definitely humor missing,’ he said. ‘And I like to make objects that are unique + desirable. After the fragrance is used up, there has to be a reason you want to keep it.’ 


The fragrance will have worldwide preview launch at Harrods in London [this week] through Nov. 23, then on to Italy with an exclusive at La Rinascente in Milan starting Dec. 3.  But don’t despair kids, us Americans should have our turn in time for Xmas before hitting shelves in remaining international markets next year + for the first time, the fragrance will be sold in Moschino boutiques worldwide + on the brand’s Web site.

Scott described the fragrance as unisex, being ‘a little bit woodsy, + at the same time there’s something techno about it.’  Top notes include bergamot, mandarin + cardamom, with a heart of lavender, violet petals + hawthorn, + a drydown of sandalwood, vanilla, mountain tree moss + acacia.  And with a keepsake bottle sure to become a collectors item, for a mere $122, it wouldn’t shock me one bit if folks bought multiple teddies just to recreate the teddy-bear-trimmed dress Scott designed as a tribute to the Moschino original, in the Steven Meisel ad campaign above featuring Isabeli Fontana.


This ‘Toy’ is #mustcop on my holiday list!

(via WWD)

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