Consider Using Animal Fat To Remove Scars + Blemishes-It Works!


Now you might think me crazy for even suggesting such a beauty tip but I wouldn’t if I didn’t swear by it.  Like most of you, I was a huge tomboy growing up.  In wanting to climb trees + jump onto rocky ground, usually meant getting a scratch here + a scrape there.  As it turns out, with my caramel colored skin + had I left all my scars, you could’ve played ‘connect the dots’ on my legs.  One year, it was so bad, I only wore long pants all summer, humid or not.


Previously, I had used cocoa butter as a way to remove my scars, but it would either take too long or not work at all.  Then I discovered ‘Mr. Queen’s Sebo Flande’ (aka mutton tallow or animal fat) in a green tin.

As much as it occasionally stunk like either vomit or cheese, I didn’t care – I just wanted those scars + blemishes gone.  I would start rubbing some on a scar or blemish for weeks + all of a sudden, no lie, I could scratch the blemish right off.  Now, there might be other brands out there of the same product, but I’m only vouching for this magic green tin.

Whether or not it is non-comodegenic, I’m not qualified to say but when I’ve put it on my face, I haven’t had any issues.  I’ve tried putting it on older blemishes + it works there too but not as fast or as well, but still works.

I usually rub the ‘fat’ onto my problem areas at night but you’ve been warned, your sheets will retain the ointment’s unique aroma.  You can purchase your SEBO FLANDE at Amazon but, if you happen to be in a drugstore that carries ethnic products, specifically Latino, you’ll be able to find a tin for less than half – I usually buy 4 – 5 tins at a time. 

So start priming your skin for Spring with some fat.

Good luck!

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