Cozy Up With This Space, I Mean Sheep Invaders Sweater

By French Knitwear Label Monsieur Lacenaire

Made to look like a houndstooth pattern of sorts, French knitwear label Monsieur Lacenaire knows how to engage and amuse with this knitwear series inspired by the iconic Space Invaders game.  However, they remain true to themselves by adding their own spin to the game by turning the ‘invaders’ into sheep as seen below.

The Sheep Invaders Knitwear series from their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection includes a cardigan and crewneck, granting your ‘sheepish’ look some versatility.  

And should you have forgotten how to play the Space Invaders game or in this case, the Sheep Invaders game, you can try to score here on the label’s FB page.  If you choose not to test your skill, you can still pick up either the cardigan or crewneck sweater at Soto.


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