Creating Narratives Through Fashion Comes Real Easy For Edith Palm

Especially With Inspirations Drawn From Egyptian Hieroglyphs

LA based fashion designer, Sara Abromson’s  ’La Peignore Egyptien’ collection for Edith Palm, her most recent to date, simply made me sigh as I love to lose myself in the smallest of details.  And it’s just that which makes this collection so strong and wearable.

My favorite aspect of Abromson’s pieces is how easily she combines contemporary silhouettes with unexpected textiles like the dress below with a one-sleeved top that looks like muslin, with blue ombre towards the waist which then meets a complimentary blue velvet skirt.

But in her choice of textiles, they alone lend themselves to become tactile graphic elements.  In the case below however, the coat in what looks to be wool, covered in graphic shapes and lines in blue, grey, white and brown over a cheetah print tie blouse ties in with the mixing of textures again.

Producing one or two collections per year, it’s no wonder her most admiring quality is made possible, that of customizing her items to fit the needs of today’s woman, a uniquely stylish multi-tasker.  Here are more of her looks:

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