Ever Think A DJ’s Bedroom Might Dictate Their Art?

Well photographer Christopher Woodcock seems to think so and why not – didn’t you ever want to know, not even a little?  With his photographic series entitled ‘DJ Bedrooms’, we get to sneak a peek at how DJs responsible for carrying us through the night with beats, high hats, loop and lots more ‘cow bell’ live, whether with or without style.

A constant of course, is the presence of lots and lots of vinyl, surprisingly today with the lack thereof of their use at many venues.  As a purist myself but as much as a tech whore as the next, vinyl to me has always been the necessity to the craft of being a deejay, yet, with the ease of technology, deejays can now afford to have a lot more tricks up their sleeves by sadly, pressing buttons + turning knobs but theatrics are always good too especially when they don’t necessarily speak and assume the role of some kind of deity or shaman casting their magic spells among us, as they transport us to another dimension, if just for one night! (Damn I miss vinyl!)

Some spots seem to have the pre-requisite musician poster of their admiration, hint of color to no color, a lot of seating, most likely for their friends, colleagues or business folk and lots of music crates filled with vinyl.  Love where the vinyl becomes part of the conversation just standing around neatly, inside little nooks until they’re nudged to speak by the needle or the cursor.


Overall, a snapshot can to a point, capture the psyche of an artist, in this case the deejay but as an artist myself, I transform and transcend my former self everyday with any new anything.  But, what I found to be the best about living with a deejay, was our smoke machine – nothing’s better than cooking in the kitchen in knee-high smoke – drama’s welcomed everywhere!


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