Fashion Film ‘On/Off Walkabout Projection’ Shows You How To Change Your Look Without Ever Changing A Thing

Unfortunately, plenty of us have great taste but not the budget to go with, so imagine if all it took was a projection of beautiful clothes, on the same garment, to wash all those worries away? For #FlashbackFriday, in fashion film ‘On/Off Walkabout Projection’, you actually get to witness what that would look like if you were out + about, as images of different looks get projected onto a simple long sleeved white dress, complete with two high side slits to promote movement for those looks with moving bottoms + high white boots.

The effect is quite beautiful, especially with all of the different designs by designers Jocelyn Murray Boyne, Lucia Kelly + Inthira Tangjaroensutthicha, Nguyen Cong-Tri, Hellen Van Rees, Joao Melo Costa, Syed Nisar, Urban Logo 88, Maid in Lovev, Ida Gro Christiansen, Kaaskas.


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