Nina Ricci Arouses Curiosity And Allure For Fall


Creative director Guillaume Henry explained to VOGUE RUNWAY “that much of this collection emerged from the desire to give shape to a woman whose allure arouses curiosity: Is she an actress? An enigma?” And to peak interest into this curiosity, one would beg to answer how could she be so many things, but, one of them is definitely not lacking style. The Nina Ricci woman from this collection seems to be able to do it all + in heels no less. But why not?


This woman can be sexy without baring too much skin, but, even when she does, as when wearing the feather-light lace camisole embellished with several rosettes above, she can still be taken seriously. The dresses shown throughout the collection beautifully revere the female form but there’s a lightness to them, on the ease of wear they seem to portray.


Of course, there was drama present in the collection in several ways. There were the tiered ruffle collar looks, the voluminous blouses with smock details in the back + the gorgeously obnoxious Mongolian fur coat patched with mink. But, ‘hands down’, my favorite piece from the whole collection is the sumptuous red leather coat dress below, which screams, “I’m ready for anything!”



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