Favorite Opening Ceremony Pre-Fall 2016 Looks


Money, was the inspiration behind Opening Ceremony’s Pre-Fall collection, yet thankfully, not literally. According to VOGUE RUNWAY, designers Humberto Leon + Carol Lim took a hard look at cash money this time out. Thinking about the fact that come 2020, we’ll have a woman’s face on the $10 bill, besides the hints of green peppered throughout the collection, like a green lurex cardigan underneath a brilliant grey sweater with ruffle detail on the shoulders with more of the same green or even the OTN boots in blue, black + green snake print, there was also a lot of iridescence present. Now how does that play into money you ask, well VOGUE RUNWAY also noted the fun fact of how that squiggly pattern on banknotes meant to stymie counterfeiters is called guilloche, + its effect was echoed in the looks by spiral prints + tonal jacquard + damask, with lurex knits + reflective silk, conjuring the holographic security ribbon woven into $100 bills. Of course, with KENZO being known for their graphic appeal, certain pieces in the collection also had text similar to that found on cash bills.


This collection also resonated with what comes with money which is power + that was easily emblematic in the vast amounts of tailoring, pivotal to this collection. There were looks like an off-the-shoulder corseted top over a long sleeve tee paired with loose trousers, as well as a patent leather short moto jacket on the front that flared in the back, into a circular shape asymmetrical to the body.


Overall, the collection was refreshing compared to many others for the Pre-Fall season.


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