Finally, Panties That Actually Fit Your Big Booty


As a proud owner of a big booty, more times than not, my panties, like some leggings, just don’t fit properly unless we’re talking about thongs. Usually, the waistband rides high in the front but stays where it’s supposed to be in the back. Enter the genius behind Amy’s Undies. Created by St. Louis’ Amy Jones, she figured out how there’s a measurement differential based on different sized butts.


Amy realized the sizing system for women was broken + had not caught up with the times featuring women with a lot more curves. In acknowledging how much the current sizing system left a lot of women out, she made a new one. Amy’s Undies patented ‘Curve Sizing’ , has expanded the sizing system by an additional 15 sizes to fit those of us that have been gifted with more in the backside. With traditional sizing allowing for XS, S, M, L, XL etc., Amy’s Undies have expanded on this to add the Curve that increases the sizes available by more than 300%.



If you suffer from eternal wedgies due to having your plumper backside being pushed into “normal butt” panties, rejoice with this new patent pending sizing system, making that issue a thing of the past. But here’s Amy herself explaining this revolutionary sizing in the video below:

To further support Amy’s Undies, go to Indiegogo for further support.


So ladies, stop letting regular underwear making you think your butt is too big + join the campaign to wear panties that are made to fit you + not the other way around!


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