For Fall, Dreaming Comes Easy In Olivia von Halle’s Silk PJs


If there’s anything that says it all, about Olivia von Halle‘s new pajamas for Fall, it’s this pic above (wonder if that’s opium she’s smoking?) – from the composition to the styling, including the bob + red lips (courtesy of Leaf Greener, senior fashion editor for Elle in China), she stares with intensity, while judging with ease. Influenced by Coco Chanel, the Twenties + Art Deco, (obviously) I can totally envision Coco posed + smoking, just like that, yet, wearing pearls of course. 


Before stepping into the design arena, Olivia was already a trend forecaster for Future Laboratory and WGSN in London, but what sparked the idea of her infamous PJs (due in part to David Beckham buying so many for his wife), is what fashion biographies + memoirs are made of:  Six-inch heels snapped her ankle, leaving her with a lot of time to kill while recuperating on her parents’ sofa back in the U.K.  As luck would have it, friends stopped by to see how she was doing to then ask, ‘Oh, poor you.…Oh, never mind that, what are you wearing?’ – The rest, is history.

The campaign oozes in luxury and sublime decadence including the pairing of PJ tops under 3/4 coats in printed fabric, with huge fur collars + lapels (high, high, high, drama) as seen above.  The lighting, posturing + location of the pics of this campaign capture this era perfectly, especially with Chinese models Miao Bin Si and Gao Ying .  Love the abundant negative space in some of the pics.



(photos: Courtesy Photo)

The Fall collection will expand + have kimonos.  But before you purchase any of the PJs, you should definitely consider buying new heels to go with them, as I doubt they’ll ever make it to the bed, unless of course, it’s because they’re on the bed already or on the floor, as you’ve been undressed by your lover.  

The Spring collection is available now.

(via WWD)

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