Gareth Pugh Makes Ballet Pliés Dangerous

With His Costumes For The Royal Opera House’s New Ballet

A ballet I would kill to see with such visuals, tomorrow, The Royal Opera House is proud to present ‘Carbon Ballet’, their new ballet with costumes by avant-garde designer Gareth Pugh.  A ballet based on the theme of love and choreographed by Wayne McGregor, as a former dancer himself, Pugh was a perfect choice to design it’s costumes.

Luckily, Pugh’s signature sculptural designs do not take a back seat for such a conventional art form.  With Ballet pumps in the form of molded black spiked boots, while the dancer’s face is covered with an angular pointed mask and music written by Mark Ronson, you know you’ll be taken for quite a ride.  Sadly, you’ll have to be in London to experience such beauty.


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