Get ‘Connected’ With Pamela Anderson

Nothing says TBT like ‘Connected’, a cool Sci-Fi Short starring Pamela Anderson + Dree Hemingway.

Directed by Luke Gilford, Pamela Anderson’s character named Jackie, is an AuraCycle workout instructor. Now you would think she’d be surrounded by her sweaty students, but instead, she performs for an online audience + listens to self-help podcasts (voiced by Jane Fonda) that promise eternal life in a fast-approaching new world. Without makeup + still as stunning, she’s constantly adrift in deep thought, trying to find some relevance in her life, wanting to feel ‘present’, as you feel along with her how her life is going nowhere. Of course, the world in which she lives in, appears to be an unsettling + sterile notion of the future, where the easy fix of being ‘connected’ with a sense of calm, is the only answer.

She finally resorts to getting connected, in a place that looks like a cult of sorts, which one might claim to be the home of the podcast voice, permeating Jackie’s everyday. Shown around by Dree Hemingway, there, you see people dressed in monotone utilitarian looks, that ‘connect’ together, yet never communicate + never touch, which challenges the notion of “Are they really connected?”




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