Give The Gift Of Digital Art For Valentine’s Day


Imagine giving someone, Tracey Emin’s ‘I Promise To Love You’ artwork above, for a fraction of the cost for Valentine’s Day?  Now, picture it moving rather than being the static image you see here?  Well thanks to Sedition art, you get to give the gift of digital art, to be enjoyed anywhere, across various platforms as seen below.


You can relish in viewing your purchased digital artworks online through your web browser or for the optimum viewing experience, Sedition recommends downloading artworks onto your devices with one of their free apps for iPad, iPhone or Android.  With over 1,000 works to choose from, you can collect + enjoy limited edition artworks, exclusively created in digital media, by the world’s greatest contemporary artists.


So how can you give the gift of digital art?  First, you choose artworks or collections + buy them a gift voucher.  You then write a personal message, of up to 300 characters + choose to send it instantly or schedule a date + delivery time.  Your gift is then sent via email + you receive a notification once your gift has been opened.  It’s that simple!  Now supposing the gift recipient doesn’t like it, which I highly doubt, refunds can be requested by the purchaser, within 10 days of purchase.

Now hop to it + start picking!

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