Goodbye, Helen Gurley Brown

(photo: Sarti Vasalli | Getty Images

The Editrix Extraordinaire That Gave Cosmopolitan Magazine It’s Facelift, died Monday at 90.

As editor of Cosmopolitan magazine between 1965-1997, Brown the magazine reached cult status, simply by talking about sex and lots of it.  Already famous by her book ‘Sex and The Single Girl’, which could’ve acted as a  ’Letter From The Editor’ for Cosmo, described how unmarried women were having sex and loving every minute of it.  Yet, as much as this set the tone for what was to follow, another unique aspect of Cosmo single to no one, at the time, were the catchy headlines (see R pic below)

Here are two covers – L is pre-Brown and R is Brown in charge.  I prefer Brown’s cover – love graphic masthead and chosen fonts.

Now many might say she ‘pushed’ women towards the dark side by succumbing to her man’s every whim but in the end, Helen Gurley Brown’s Cosmo taught many single chicks a lot including how okay it was to masturbate and how to get what we want, all without breaking a nail.

Just remember what Brown said, ‘Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.’

(via NYT)

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