Here Are Legos Margiela Would Definitely Play With


Belgian designer Martin Margiela is known for his longtime love affair with minimalism + no color like white, symbolizes that more.  So, when I saw LEGO Architecture Studio, featuring over 1,200 white + transparent bricks, slopes, plates + more, Margiela’s name screamed inside my head.

To heighten the experience further, a basic instruction manual is replaced by a 272-page guidebook, written in collaboration with leading architects + endorsed by leading design houses.  The guidebook includes tips, techniques + hands-on exercises, sure to make you a very sought after architect within your own mind.

But, couldn’t you also imagine the lovely blogger Ivania Carpio (below), of Love Aesthetics, playing with these too?


(photo: Ivania Carpio)

She also adores white – her daily color of choice, for 99% of her looks.

(via uncrate)

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