Holiday Gift Guide

Naturally, when compiling a gift guide, one assumes there should be either a theme if not, gifts categorized according to recipient.  Yet, for my guide I figured, to offer random possibilities, usually how my mind works most of the time.

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How’s this for a bottle opener-so beautiful, you’ll want to just have it on your counter like sculpture. Designed by Masanori Oji, made of brass + called Mikazuki, you’ll definitely score big with this one-$55, New Era. What an adorable way to have your coffee / tea with this clear Pyrex glass spoon + colander that fits neatly over your cup-$17.50, Supermarket.

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If you have that fang banger in your life that can’t seem to get enough of their blood lust satiated, what about giving them one of these beautiful pillows with embroidered forensic blood spatters? $228, Lost City Arts + $272, Lost City Arts.

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A great little candle encased in a Jean-Michel Basquiat artwork, all-dressed-up in pink + you get to admire a piece of Robert Mapplethorpe‘s florals-by Ligne Blanche + scented by Givaudan, a Swiss fragrance leader – $55, feminin rascal.

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I went completely nuts when I saw this black leather iPad case with an embossed gun by Vlieger & Vandam-$215 + as a sucker for camouflage, I couldn’t pass on this lovely by Dolce & Gabbana-$425, LUISAVIAROMA.


9 Always a fan of wearing bugs, I jumped when I saw this beautiful Hania Brooch by Harakiri, of a natural insect cast in solid bronze with pin and clasp hand welded in silver-$215, Not Just A Label. 10 A lover of cuffs, this Fores Cuff by Stone & Honey, made of Bronze with hand woven waxed linen panels in rust, is sure to be part of your everyday for years to come-$185, Totokaelo.  11 Watches have recently become en vogue, but for me, they never lost their appeal especially this stunner, a Small Quartz Pyramid Watch by Unearthen which is handmade silver faux watch stretch band bracelet with a quartz pyramid crystal face with light detailing + a wind dial at side-$450, Totokaelo.  

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12 Why wait until Spring to turn on your holographic charm with these cool clutches, that look good enough to eat like this Zilla laminated clutch available in light blue / green with a chain strap-$302, Luis Avia Roma + 13 this Rainbow Titanium Nitride Bullet Space Pen, which looks like it was dropped in an oil slick, is perfectly pocket-size + writes in any position, under water, over grease, in freezing cold + boiling heat or any other ahem, positions-$40, Cooper Hewitt.

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14 Never a fan of giving or receiving gifts that are season appropriate, these gloves are kinda cool called Gants Francoise Noir/Black-who wouldn’t mind a hint of color between their fingers-$89, kulte + 15 if you’re a fan of Karl, then you’ll definitely channel him with these Graphite Gloves by Maison Fabrel, especially with their silvery metallic sheen-$85, feminin rascal.

Enjoy the holidays + happy shopping!

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