How Frankie Knuckles Even Touched Barack And Michelle Obama

Last month’s passing of Frankie Knuckles touched a lot of us, including myself, triggering random lapses of crying throughout the day I found out.  Yet, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined a tribute from a U.S. President + a First Lady, but that just goes to show you how super cool the Obamas really are.

Barack + Michelle Obama’s open letter was put on DJ David Morales’ Facebook page – Morales + Knuckles had worked together over a number of years on various remixes including Alison Limerick’s ‘Where Love Lives‘ + his agency, Def Mix, represented Knuckles.  Morales said online, “Frankie’s memorial service was emotionally special. To have his friends, family + the Governor speak about Frankie goes to show the impact he has had on people,” + the worldwide outpour of tributes from musicians + artists who worked with him is a testament to that.


But it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise as Obama’s adulation for Knuckles was instilled a few years earlier.  As Illinois state senator, Obama pushed for the street where the The Warehouse once stood, to be renamed Frankie Knuckles Way + in 2004, Obama also declared August 25 as Frankie Knuckles Day. 


Obama + Knuckles in 2004


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