How Polka-Dots Took Over Louis Vuitton Yesterday Was Just As I Imagined

(photo: Joe Schildhorn)

Simply Perfection!

As a lover of repetition and patterns alike, when news of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama coming to town via a Whitney retrospective of her art and a collaboration with Louis Vuitton dropped, I just couldn’t hold back the enthusiasm sparking my hair into more of a frizzy mess – thanks humidity! Yesterday, Louis Vuitton unveiled it’s store facade covered from top to bottom in endless black dots on glass – super chic!  Inside however, things were a bit more subdued featuring pockets of the ‘Kusamacised’ LV accessories, with hints of Kusama’s other signature motif of tentacles.

(photo: Joe Schildhorn)

And as if that’s not drama enough, Yayoi arrived with her signature shocking red bob,

(photo: Joe Schildhorn)

wearing a yellow + black ensemble (textile is fashioned after one of her artworks in which she’s blurred by the pattern worn by her and the pattern of her artwork in the background, all in the same colorway) with black socks in a wheelchair, all bearing polka-dots.  Thankfully, the window installations just bear the artist’s work and nothing else which makes you want to come into the store even more, just to see what IS for sale.

(via WWD)

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