How To Wear A Tea Cup + Plate By Maison Margiela


Leave it up to the avant-garde Maison Margiela to come up with such an ingenious concept, because, how else could one wear a teacup + plate?! Am I right or what?

It’s the perfect accessory to wear to that dreaded meeting you’ve been pushing back with your boss or brunch with those friends you haven’t seen in forever, because after one look at your wrist, wearing these bracelets, they’ll suppress + forget any feelings of disdain or disappointment, + just gasp in awe. I’m sure your boss + friends will want to try it on for themselves, because it’s just that GOOD!


Made in Italy, the ‘Tea Cup Bracelet‘ is enamel-coated brass, with what looks like silver, outlining the inner bottom rim.





The ‘Plate Bracelet‘, kept the integrity of the plate intact, down to the manufacturer’s stamp on the bottom of it. This bracelet, is also made of enamel-coated brass.

So if you want to cause a commotion or add to it, this is a great way to start!


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