Internet As Canvas


Net artist Rafaël Rozendaal is someone that could easily be considered an icon, if not, a visionary.  Rozendaal makes websites as artworks + sells the domain name.  With web pages full of repetition + motion, often using geometrical shapes, Rozendaal creates portable works of art, with exclusive ownership, that still belong to everyone with access to the web.image

With his radical BYOB project which revived interest in projected-video art, Rozendaal gained a lot more recognition.  Amazingly, Rozendaal was able to sell one of these websites at an art auction.  Rozendaal’s was purchased by Benjamin Palmer, for $3,500 at Phillips de Pury auction house in New York, known for selling works of art for many more zeros.  ’’ is a website made up of geometric shapes that change with the click of a mouse.image

As there was no precedence for such a sale let alone recognition of websites as art, Rozendaal created an ‘Artist Website Sales Contract’, that protected both the buyer + seller’s domain name + the art contained within.  One art buyer really loved the idea of having a piece of art he could show anyone anywhere, instead of inviting them into his living room, to view a painting.  

(via Société Perrier)

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