It’s All About The Details With These Shirts


When I first saw these shirts, I immediately fell in love with their nuances.  Part of the ‘As I’M Your Shirt’ label, the ‘I’M an Artist’ shirt above, is a slim fit blouse with long sleeves + asymmetric, multifunctional collar. Using the loop on left shoulder you can change your blouse design.  If you leave the long part of collar hanging down, it is said to make you look thinner.  And for us busty chicks, thanks to the button layout, the blouse won’t gape over the bust.

The ‘I’M Important’ shirt below, in a classic slim fit shirt with contrasting details + asymmetric collar, make for an interesting piece to wear alone, without a jacket.  How great is that collar with one differently colored lapel peeking out?image

‘I’M a Princess’ is a crazy beautiful tunic blouse with fluffy, long sleeves. But look how perfect the back of those sleeves is, pleated just so, paired with the long elegant cuff.  This blouse would look great with a pencil skirt, slim fit trousers, a flirty short pleated skirt or something a lot more casual, like beat-up cropped boyfriend jeans.image

‘I’M an Architect’ shirt just blows my mind.  A single color slim fit shirt with its stylish loose collar + long sleeves, will definitely get a guy noticed.


‘I’M Confused’ is a slim fit blouse with long sleeves + asymmetric contrasting color collar, with a slight longer back.  Blue + red always look so great together.


‘Oxford Shirt I’M Spaceman’ is what is thought out to be what a gentleman might wear in space.  A casual shirt with long sleeves, striped details + a chest pocket, it is recommended to choose one size bigger for a more loose style.


But with all the variety in styles, the one constant with all these shirts is the ‘As I’M Your Shirt’ signature – one contrasting color button in the chest area.  All of these shirts are available at cityblis.

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