Loving This Ad For Galeries Lafayette Featuring Pedro Almodóvar


What better way to celebrate the the inauguration of anything than with an ad by the amazing Jean-Paul Goude with Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar (above). Created for Galeries Lafayette’s newly renovated Menswear department, Goude, a frequent Galeries collaborator, borrowed a page from Serge Diaghilev, founder of the Ballets Russes, for both inspiration and styling.  It’s a great thing too that this ad is due out in May, around the same time of the Cannes Film Festival.  In it, we see the filmmaker wearing a fur-trimmed coat with tux, while holding a script for his new film called “I’m So Excited” (“Los Amantes Pasajeros” in Spanish), premiering in France next month.

(via WWD)

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