Marc Newson Packs Heat With Style



Introducing the 486 Parallelo shotgun, industrial designer Marc Newson‘s reinterpretation of the traditional side-by-side shotgun for Beretta.  Featuring a new opening lever design + a receiver with an intricate engraving by Newson, the 486 is simply too beautiful to shoot.  Then again, imagine what a shotgun like this could do for your swagger especially if you’re a chick?!

‘The main focus for my design of the 486 was to simplify + rationalise all the surfaces,’ said Newson in a statement. ‘Specifically streamlining the area of the action.’  The tail of the steel receiver surrounding the base of the barrels, separating it from the safety catch, is made out of Walnut wood, which then creates a visual break in the metal parts that are usually displayed as a continuous piece.


Dragon-like pheasants snaking between flowers in a style that references both traditional Asian illustrations of flora + fauna + the use of shotguns for hunting game were engraved into the metal.  For Newson, his inspiration came from the idea that pheasants originate + are native to Asia, before being widely introduced elsewhere as a game bird + ‘it was important to somehow pay homage to this + incorporate a subtle Asian influence into the design.’  The metal was wrapped onto the trigger guard, punctuating the seamlessly integration into the receiver, covering the trigger system.  The metal engraving reminds me a lot of that found on swords.

Beretta’s site has the following statement regarding their designer collaboration with Newson, ‘While most shotguns screw the guard to the bottom of the receiver, the 486 by Marc Newson inserts the trigger guard into a milled guide.  The result is a perfect junction of two surfaces, which creates a higher aesthetic value.’

(via dezeen)

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