Walks The Red Carpet With Vivienne Westwood

Talk about a brill collab!  Today, launched a capsule collection of evening dresses designed by none other than Dame Vivienne Westwood, showcased by sultry model Daisy Lowe.  Using, a pink, monochrome + dark champagne color palette, the designs are a mix of the old + the new.  Featuring four styles, incorporating the squiggle print from the AW/1981 Pirate collection, this collection includes cocktail dresses + floor length gowns, in dramatic corseted looks, a Westwood signature.  



And how apropos to have chosen model Daisy Lowe for this project?  Daisy, a model known for her sensuality + sex appeal, falls right in line with the feel of Vivienne’s hourglass hugging forms.  Yet, destiny played a role here too as Daisy told, ‘I started getting into fashion because of Vivienne Westwood.  My mum was such a massive fan + would always go and buy lots of things. I wasn’t really that interested in fashion until one day she came home with lots of big bags full of Vivienne Westwood clothes. Her dresses felt like playgrounds to me; you had to work out how to get in + out of them, + what tied where. That was my real introduction to fashion, really, ’ + who doesn’t love playgrounds?!


On style, Dame Westwood told, ‘My clothes allow you to project your personality. They are quite theatrical in the sense that they are real clothes, well designed, + they give you a chance to express yourself,’ which is just what this collection will accomplish for die-hard Westwood fans while gaining new ones.  The Westwood design team told Vogue UK that they were more than pleased to partner with for this collection, since they chose some beautiful existing styles from their archive + allowed them to introduce new silhouettes to their customers. “The collection is really classic + elegant, as it incorporates the best of Vivienne’s designs then + now,’ added the Westwood design team.

For your very own Vivienne Westwood gown, go to

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