Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

Well, With This Sweet Mirror set-up, It’s Really A Toss Up.

Today being the first day of the film ‘Mirror Mirror’ starring Julia Roberts, I just couldn’t help but find a mirror that would upstage any wicked queen and I think this one does the trick and then some.  Designed by buhr, a UK furniture brand made up of designer Thomas Bullimore and artist Claire Milton, specializing in handmade furniture, bespoke interiors and kitchens, this piece is sure to label you self-absorbed.

Called the ‘Mirror Table Bench’, it’s beautifully beveled circular mirror is enhanced by a sleek dressing table covered in high gloss lacquer with inlaid polished brass edging and a bench made of solid European Walnut but as with anything good, it’s all about the details dahlings.  Take the two suspended rotating drawers of sorts, lined in hand printed linen with palms, which slide out – genius.

Then you have the back of the mirror, which is lined in hand printed linen with a print called ‘Synchronized Legs’ (also designed by buhr) secured with brass fittings.

Look how cool the legs of the dress table and bench below,  mimic the legs on the fabric above.

So if you want to channel some old hollywood glam or just look good when you’re getting ready to hook up, party or whatevuh,

this is the way to do it up.  Available at 20ltd.

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