Mommy, Mommy, Can I Too See Dots Since The Louis Vuitton And Yayoi Kusama Capsule Collection Doesn’t Come In My Size?

Of Course They Can, With This Version Of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland With Artwork By Yayoi Kusama.

Produced in collaboration with the Kusama Studio, Tokyo and Gagosian Gallery, this version of falling down the rabbit hole and the goings-on there entitled ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ will definitely take you there conceptually and beautifully.  While enlisting the help of Yayoi Kusama’s eye for dots and at times, very primitive drawings,

 the sprinkling spurts of typographic surprise just enhances the experience that much more like shown below.

(photos: Mattress Factory)

Luckily, it’s hardcover, making it an instant keepsake for years to come.  Available for purchase at Mattress Factory online.

Now if your little one’s craving for dots is not quite satisfied with the book above, here are a few more items that might settle their design nerves just a bit.

Here’s Anne Claire Petite’s ‘Organic Cotton Crochet Tea Set’ from Holland.  Not only will they channel Kusama but also Olek.  Available at little baby company.

What about this ‘Devon’ top by fafa-online shop – love the sheer contrasting turquoise and white wing-like sleeves?

What about these Sayang shoes or even Nana leg warmers that could easily be used as sleeves, also available at fafa-online shop?

(photos: fafa-online shop)

Either way, mommy won’t be able to upstage their little ones with some of these dotted pieces similar to Kusama’s dot-obsessed masterpieces.

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